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Supplement Ordering & Discounts


A. The supplement recommendations from your clinic appt. go directly from our electronic medical record, Power2Practice, to Fullscript with a 5% discount for easy ordering. You can also order anytime through Fullscript’s professional dispensary at:


B. For Apex Energetics supplements:



C. For BPC-157 to support gastrointestinal health:


D. For CBD, especially Full Spectrum CBN tincture - PM Blend, far more effective than CBD sleep supplements commonly found online and in dispensaries, from Ananda, the #1 pharmacist recommended CBD brand

At the upper right on the home page, enter Referral Code: DRZCBD

E. A Revolutionary and Effective Sleep Aide

The Silent Night patch is a phototherapy patch, a crystal lattice that reflects back specific wavelengths of the infrared light emitted by your body. The Silent Night patch stimulates designated acupuncture points for specific sleep related health benefits, including triggering neurotransmitters involved in relaxation. No drugs or chemicals enter your body. Both the website and the packaging have photos to guide you in the proper placement of your patch. See:

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