Supplement Ordering & Discounts



A. To access the Wellevate professional dispensary with a 5% discount, order here:


B. The supplement recommendations from your clinic appt. go directly from our electronic medical record, Power2Practice, to Fullscript with a 5% discount for easy ordering. You can also order anytime through Fullscript’s professional dispensary at:


C. For Microbiome Labs, especially their landmark probiotics Megapore and RestorFlora, and the unparalleled Mega IgG 2000 for Digestive & Systemic Immune Defense:


D. Order Designs for Health products:

Enter Practitioner Code: PEARLZIMMERMAN

E. DNA Health, particularly Calm (DHH-B) for relaxation and controlling anxiety:

F.  For BPC-157 to support gastrointestinal health:

G. For Metagenics, including Candibactin-AR and Candibactin-BR:

H. For Apex Energetics supplements: