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What Patients Say

Dr. Mark Hyman (Google him, he's like the "godfather" of functional medicine) a good friend of mine, but over in the Berkshires unfortunately, recommended that I see Dr. Zimmerman. Thank the good lord! I'll try to make the rest of the review quick... SHE CHANGED MY WORLD!!! I am off of all of my previous meds for cholesterol, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, or sleep meds!!!  I actually saw my long-time doctor at men's health here in West Hollywood yesterday for my physical, and he is elated with all that Dr. Zimmerman and I are doing together!  He actually wants to send her more "mystery" patients to help him figure out.


Dr. Zimmerman is an amazingly intelligent and caring doctor. The first (of many) who finally ordered the appropriate tests & was able to address my long term health issues. I am so grateful for her holistic and traditional medical knowledge and that she treats the root cause, not the symptoms.


Dr. Pearl Zimmerman is unique to her profession, I highly recommend her. She is interested in gaining a deep understanding of her patient’s history and issues and seeks to treat and solve the root cause of problems rather than the traditional focus on treatment of symptoms. I found her to be detailed, data-focused, with great bedside manners. Her approach to treatment recommendations is collaborative with the patient. I initially sought her services to alleviate arthritic pain, but in addition to that, she has helped guide me to the best overall health I’ve experienced via tailored diet, supplements and exercise.


Dr. Zimmerman is a rare gem. Finding an MD that takes the time to dig and find a natural solution is next to impossible. I appreciate the time and diligence that she spends on finding out the cause and offering a natural solution!


Dr Zimmerman is a wonderful woman and physician and I am so happy to have found her! I came to see her about natural HRT and she is addressing numerous health problems that I have as well as the HRT. I have a feeling that six months from now I will be healthier than I ever thought possible and will have lost some extra pounds I have been frustrated about losing too. She is very thorough and really spends a lot of time with you addressing every health concern you have. She is a true example of a great doctor!


Dr. Zimmerman is remarkable!! I was concerned about a possible heart problem, increasing forgetfulness, and a lack of energy. Since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos ten years ago, I have been changing my lifestyle and learning about the importance of organic, gluten free, low sugar, grass fed/wild caught foods, etc. But I hadn’t experienced the increased energy and health that a lot of people had found. And I had seen a couple of Integrative Doctors along the way. I’ve learned a lot from books by Drs. Dale Bredesen, Datis Kharrazian, and Mark Hyman, and sought a Functional Doctor familiar with their research. Wow, she’s more than familiar, she’s recommended by them.

Dr. Zimmerman has made life changing improvements in only my first two appointments! I am so impressed with her knowledge, from the most effective, affordable testing, to how the body’s systems work, to the effect different supplements and treatments will have, short term and longer term. She works with my opinions on certain tests I may not need right away, and the supplement brands she recommends are the best and provided with a discount. While the other doctors I’ve seen, though helpful, have treated more on a paint-by-numbers basis where they prescribe what your tests show is deficient, Dr. Zimmerman is like an artist creating a masterpiece - all based on personal test data and the latest science. I am grateful to be her patient! She cares about me achieving my best health.

I highly recommend her to anyone with health issues other doctors have not addressed or with potential problems that are better resolved earlier!


I have been lucky to have always found the best physicians, even integrative and functional medicine medical doctors. However after being fortunate enough to have found Dr. Pearl Zimmerman, I just felt my responsibility to write about her. Not only is she a genuinely and compassionately caring professional, she is one of the most competent, if not THE most competent physician I have known. Without going into the details of my particular case, I'll just say that for almost ten years I  presented a puzzling medical problem to some of the most qualified physicians I've known and truly respected. As accomplished and knowledgeable as they were, they were unfortunately flabbergasted by my problem, albeit with total empathy. Then a few months ago, I decided, I should ask Dr. Zimmerman, whom I was seeing for the first time. She immediately suspected something genetic and suggested genetic testing to confirm her suspicion before any treatment.  Sure enough, she had hit the nail right on the head. Suffice it to say that I am now on the path to recovery... I cannot say how absolutely grateful I am!

Gilla F.

I don't write reviews but, after having an exceptional experience with Dr. Pearl Zimmerman, I am inspired to write this with the hope that it might benefit someone with similar circumstances. Let me provide some background that can serve as context for the comments I want to make.

I have been retired for the past five years from a 35-year career providing ancillary services to physicians practicing natural, or alternative, or complimentary, or functional medicine. That career brought me into personal contact with thousands of these physicians as I traveled all around the US and Canada. I had a close working relationship with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine and the founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), and several of IFM's faculty members. When my adult daughter developed a clear need for the health benefits of functional medicine, I accessed the professional connections I had to find a functional medicine practitioner in Orange County. We were referred to Dr. Pearl Zimmerman.

Right from the beginning it was clear that Dr. Zimmerman had a superior level of academic and practical skill when it came to the particulars of functional medicine. My daughter and I were immediately comforted by the fact that we were obviously working with an expert. We were grateful that we had been referred to her.

Dr. Zimmerman did a very comprehensive initial assessment of my daughter's health challenges and was quickly able to draw some conclusions. She then determined the highly specialized laboratory testing that would be needed to objectively confirm or rule out her suspicions related to the underlying cause of my daughters' problems. Through that initial assessment we were deeply impressed by the remarkable amount of time she spent with us and her truly kind and caring spirit! We felt a real wonderful connection with her.

One of the most remarkable aspects of working with Dr. Zimmerman, something that deeply impressed both my daughter and I, was the fact that she very evidently kept mulling over and meditating on my daughters' issues, even during her own time, after my daughters' initial assessment was completed. During the days when we were waiting for the labs results to come back, she reached out to us on several occasions to ask additional questions to insure she had all the information necessary to provide the most accurate and effective guidance possible. Neither my daughter or I have ever known of a doctor that did that.

Based on her insight and expertise, and in concert with the lab results, Dr. Zimmerman created a treatment plan for my daughter that began to produce immediate benefit. The plan focused on eliminating a variety of sensitizing dietary factors to reduce systemic inflammation, a strategy for reducing or better managing her high stress levels, and providing comprehensive support for healthy metabolic function and hormone balance. My daughter is carefully working her plan, has experienced benefit already, and we are very optimistic about her future good health.

I consider Dr. Zimmerman to be truly special among all the physicians I have known in my career. I am very happy we found her right here in Orange County. I am writing this in the hopes that other people looking for this type of care can have the same experience we did with Dr. Zimmerman.

Chris K.

Dr. Z is the absolute best in finding the root of the cause of your illness. There are no words to express the outstanding care and compassion she has. She listens well and takes her time with you. The tests she orders are very thorough and actually were life saving for me personally. She detected a very rare immune disease and alerted me right away and suggested I see an immunologist moving forward. With the immunologist coupled with her care ~ I know I am in the BEST hands. I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Z (It almost brings me to tears!).

Jerri M.

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