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Dr. Mark Hyman (Google him, he's like the "godfather" of functional medicine) a good friend of mine, but over in the Berkshires unfortunately, recommended that I see Dr. Zimmerman. Thank the good lord! I'll try to make the rest of the review quick... SHE CHANGED MY WORLD!!! I am off of all of my previous meds for cholesterol, acid reflux, depression, anxiety, or sleep meds!!!  I actually saw my long-time doctor at men's health here in West Hollywood yesterday for my physical, and he is elated with all that Dr. Zimmerman and I are doing together!  He actually wants to send her more "mystery" patients to help him figure out.


Dr. Zimmerman is an amazingly intelligent and caring doctor. The first (of many) who finally ordered the appropriate tests & was able to address my long term health issues. I am so grateful for her holistic and traditional medical knowledge and that she treats the root cause, not the symptoms.


Dr. Pearl Zimmerman is unique to her profession, I highly recommend her. She is interested in gaining a deep understanding of her patient’s history and issues and seeks to treat and solve the root cause of problems rather than the traditional focus on treatment of symptoms. I found her to be detailed, data-focused, with great bedside manners. Her approach to treatment recommendations is collaborative with the patient. I initially sought her services to alleviate arthritic pain, but in addition to that, she has helped guide me to the best overall health I’ve experienced via tailored diet, supplements and exercise.


Dr. Zimmerman is a rare gem. Finding an MD that takes the time to dig and find a natural solution is next to impossible. I appreciate the time and diligence that she spends on finding out the cause and offering a natural solution!


Dr Zimmerman is a wonderful woman and physician and I am so happy to have found her! I came to see her about natural HRT and she is addressing numerous health problems that I have as well as the HRT. I have a feeling that six months from now I will be healthier than I ever thought possible and will have lost some extra pounds I have been frustrated about losing too. She is very thorough and really spends a lot of time with you addressing every health concern you have. She is a true example of a great doctor!


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